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Strong rumors have indicated that Microsoft is already working on a new version of XBoxOne

New rumors about the Xbox One Slim

“Upgrades” to mainstream gaming consoles with new models have been around for a while. So far, the three leading manufacturers of consoles have relaunched their consoles with improved versions and stylized designs.

It seems that this generation is out renovations, but only for the moment. After rumors about the SONY Playstation 4.5 version with improved hardware features and now we have the possible existence of an Xbox One Slim.

The Xbox Slim rumor mill began when Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where companies must register new models of their products and suddenly we see a new version or model of Xbox One listed as 1525.

To further increase suspicions, all information on this model is embargoed until the week after E3, so it is speculated a possible launch immediately after the fair to be held in June.

The serial number or registration 1683 has also appeared in the FCC site that exist over a second model on the way. Now we just have to wait for E3 2016 to know the exact plans for a new Microsoft Xbox One.