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Sony announces Morpheus, virtual reality helmet

admin Mar 3

Users of Playstation 4 may, in the near future, could be experiencing real world gaming action in the first person. During game developers GDC in San Francisco, the company has announced a new virtual reality helmet that could reach the market in late 2014 or early 2015. For now the project is known as Morpheus, but not necessarily be the final product name.

The helmet will be able to bring to each eye an image of 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, creating a sense of depth. It will be equipped with several accelerometers that record the movements of the user’s head and used in conjunction with other peripherals console, camera and PS Move controller, to record the movements of the body and limbs. “The player, for example, be able to support the PS Move controller control the hands and the game will appear as a sword with which to fight,” says the company.

morpheus ps4

According to IGN:

One of the most surprising elements of Project Morpheus was how comfortable it was to use. Instead of most of the pressure around your eye sockets, the top-mounted forehead rest and rear frame evenly distribute the weight, so its often tough to tell you’re wearing anything at all.

As first introductions go, Project Morpheus was an exceptional experience and makes me hopeful for the types of games Sony and its partners can bring to the PS4. There are still a multitude of questions yet unanswered — like, how much it’ll cost, how the experience changes when powering a full retail game, when we might see it come to market, and if a majority of consumers will adopt it — but I’m excited to see what comes next.




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