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Solve slow Firefox browsing due to Flash on your Mac

admin Jan 1

Have you ever been browsing with Firefox and all of a sudden your Mac is just running slow?
We’ve all been there it is annoying to say the least, the problem usually happens when you have many Firefox tabs opened the problem is compounded by the fact that the “Flash Plugin” is highly unstable and susceptible to consuming your memory.

Even a Mac with 16 GB of ran can run as slow as molasses, due to a buggy Flash Plugin.

To solve this issue please follow the following steps: Reload Flash

  • Start the Activity Monitor application Activity monitor
  • Click on the Memory tab then find Flash, you can do this by tying “Flash” in the search boxFix Firefox Flash
  • Quit Process, to do this highlight the “Flash plugin” and click on the X icon
  • Restart Firefox

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