Solution: You do not have permission to save in this location. Request administrator permissions. Want to save in the My Documents folder instead?

A few of us got this error message in Windows 8 when we try save a document in the root of our USB drive or in the root of C or any of our storage units, as well there is a way to get rid of this annoying security lock below is how to get rid of it:

windows file save folder error

1. Press the Windows key + W, type “Administrative Tools” and press Enter.

2. Double-click the “Local Security Policy” icon

3. In the window that comes up we go to “Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options”.

4. In the list look all that start with “User Account Control” and those that are Enabled  we disable (Right click / Properties / Disabled).

5. Reboot and you are ready, we can save to the root of any drive on our computer !!