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Snap the new Polaroid camera, 10 megapixels, only cost $ 99

PolaroidSnap-99 dollars

Sources say it will print without ink and allow the user to have a copy of the photo taken on photo paper.

Snap is the new Polaroid camera, that will allow users to print photos without ink, although not yet on the market it has caused quite a stirr. Experts are already saying it will be a bestseller because, in addition to being 10 megapixels, will only cost $99.

Polaroid has launched other instant cameras, but they were all large, bulky and expensive. The image quality was also quite low, despite the fact that these cameras had the same resolution as the Snap.

According to Wired, it’s a point-and-shoot at a time when, as Brunner admits, “the idea of needing a dedicated point-and-shoot camera is going away.” On top of that, it’s a point-and-shoot that doesn’t allow the level of editing that even a basic tool like Instagram does. There’s no image customization beyond a button for color, black-and-white, or sepia filters. But, unlike other instant cameras, this one is small enough to fit in your pocket, just like your phone. You can’t fetishize its chunky ’70s-era body and pop-up vintage flash bulb, because it doesn’t have them.

The Snap camera seems almost like its a kids toy. At the top is a big red button and a self-timer button for selfies. On the left, there is a button to switch between (color, sepia and black and white) mode.

The camera is much smaller than its predecessor, the Z2300, and has approximately the same dimensions as the Zip Photoprinter.


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