Smartphone Inspired by the Ferrari 458

The luxury car Ferrari 458 who served this time as inspiration for the creation of a new luxury smartphone, as one would expect. Developed by the company Vertu, which has dedicated its time recently in creating luxury phones, dedicated to those who want to flaunt their wealth by getting luxury mobile phones, and paying high prices for them.

Thus, the company Vertu has introduced to the world its latest product, called Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari GT, a device manufactured in collaboration with Ferrari Italy based on the design of the Ferrari 458. For its  design there are three variants that have been implemented that encourage the inspiration of the Italian luxury car, which is why it is polished in stainless steel and black leather, brushed stainless steel and black leather and polished stainless steel and brown leather, that matches with the bodywork and interior.

The new Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari GT has a candybar form factor with full keyboard also features a polished ceramic black paired with a polished sapphire crystal and atitanium cover for the battery. The calf leather is made ??by Ferrari and has also been integrated into the design with the embossed Ferrari logo.

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