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SMART Modular introduces 8GB DDR3 RAM ultra low profile memory

admin May 5

SMART Modular Technologies has announced the expansion of its portfolio of RAM memories with the inclusion of a new line of small DDR3 modules which have been called “ultra low profile. These 8 GB ULP modules are formatted mini-UDIMM and according to the manufacturer, has extended the density of memory chips, and have achieved a better ratio of cost per GB.

DDR4 memory is almost here, but since there is still more time for full implementation is not uncommon for manufacturers to continue working on improving the current DDR3 RAM memory. With an innovative arrangement of its chips, SMART has doubled the number of locations to reach 18 in these mini – ULP Planar mini-UDIMM, allowing the use of mid-range chips up to 4GB. The result is a higher density solution contained in a smaller PCB , reducing overall cost per GB.


According to Marketwatch:

The Mini-UDIMM is one of the industry’s most common module form factor used in networking, telecom, and industrial applications, and SMART’s DDR3 Mini-DIMMs provide a number of key benefits to OEMs. These include ECC for applications processing data, applications needing extra power and ground pins for more robustness compared to SO-DIMMs, applications needing high density pluggable memory in small, height-constrained environments, and ruggedized applications with the use of latching Mini-DIMM sockets. Now OEMs can have all of these benefits at a reduced cost with SMART’s ULP Planar Mini-UDIMM.


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