Sheldon Cooper T-shirts fromThe Big Bang Theory (gallery)

Sheldon Cooper is one of the most popular characters on television, thanks to his participation in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, a TV show that surely everyone knows.

This geek icon is known for his shirts of superheroes and funny symbols. Would you like to dress like Sheldon Cooper? We’ll tell you how.

Sheldon Cooper has a very easy look to imitate and everyone can follow it without problems: usually wears jeans, comfortable shoes, colorful T-shirts with various allusions to his hobbies (generally comic characters).

In the six seasons of The Big Bang Theory we have seen Sheldon use different types of shirts, next we have compiled all shirts the actor wore.

Full gallery of the shirts Sheldon Cooper.

You can buy these geek shirts anywhere, in case you want to have a replica clothing of Sheldon Cooper, an excellent alternative are various sales sites include Amazon, eBay.

We hope this article has helped you to learn a little about the Sheldon Cooper fashion. Do you dare to follow his style?