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admin Mar 3

There are issues that can be uncomfortable to deal even with people you know, causing many users to drop out of such conversations without revealing their own identities. Rumr (rumrapp.com) just came out as a new mobile messaging network, which allows just that, users can anonymously talks with their own contacts. To do this, the system will giving them a specific color that will identify them within the chat rooms in which they participate through chats showing generated bubbles. As indicated by its makers its like having conversations with the lights off from you Android or iOS device.


The anonymity effect, as its co -founder James Jerlecki says to TNW, you will notice that a sufficient group of users in the same room, so that if there are few users , it would be easy to figure out who is who within the participants. He adds that Rumr covers an area other electronic messaging services just don’t’ offer, because they lack the necessary context.

The exact use case for this messaging environment escapes me. Or maybe I just have a hard time seeing past the obvious use for teen bullying. When I asked Jerlecki for examples of how Rumr should be used, he suggested a thread for a March Madness bracket or a group chat during the Oscars.

“It’s good for conversations that are inherently funny. Who can come up with the best jokes? Good for conversations that are hard to have in person.”

According to Jerlecki, Rumr fills a space that other anonymous messaging services lack by adding necessary context.

“The biggest issue with anonymity so far has been context. General use of anonymity has been one-way to an audience that I don’t have a connection with,” he said. “By giving this a layer of context – people I know, trust, and care about, I now have an environment to…be myself.”

For now, lets Rumr conversations using texts, although over time could incorporate other features , such as support for stickers and photos, as currently intends to focus on performing their function incredibly well.

Available for Android 2.3 and above and iOS 7.0 and above, Rumr is a new mobile messaging application that allows anonymous conversations to address issues that otherwise could not do, without fear of reprisal or any other matter that restrict the users to express themselves .

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