Sapphire unveils the new Radeon R7 250X Ghz Edition

Although the release of the Radeon R7 250X was in February and manufacturers like Sapphire already have their custom models of this video card already on the market, it now appears as though Sapphire couldn’t wait for its new version of the Radeon 250X R7, dubbed Ghz Edition the name is obvious due to its  overclocking specs from the factory, that not only pushes the speed of the core to the 1,000 Mhz but also attains a host of other great features.

Some will notice that the Sapphire Radeon R7 250X Ghz Edition includes the exact same PCB and the same cooler found in the Vapor-X edition that has managed to get some pretty good scores, not to mention that it certainly boasts one of the most quiet and efficient heat sinks in the market today even though these cards don’t heat up as much. In any case, the novelty is the factory overclock, as Sapphire has increased its core speed to 1000 Mhz from 925 Mhz and base memory speed up to 4.80 Ghz (GDDR5 effective) from 4.50 Ghz.


This graphics card is powered from a single PCI-Express 6-pin connector from the power supply and as video outputs include two DVI-DL, HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2. Based on the “Cape Verde” GPU of 28 nanometers, the R7 250X Ghz Edition has 640 Stream Processors, 40 TMUs, 16 ROPs and memory bandwidth of 128 bits, and has 2 GB of MB.

If you are interested in this card, it is expected to be released in the coming days.

We find in stores this variant of Sapphire in the coming days.

Via techpowerup