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Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 6GB GDDR5 For Maximum Gaming

admin Sep 9

In April, AMD launched its monster model the Radeon HD 7990 “Malta”, a video card that after many tries finally took up the fight against the Geforce GTX 690. Despite the high performance model it did received a mixed reception, not least because of errant drivers and uneven rendering times, which together with a high price does not give a convincing impression to many gamers


AMD however has been hard at work, to correct the deficiencies and the new Catalyst Beta driver, that promised particularly improved rendering times in Crossfire solutions, which also includes the Radeon HD 7990 dual-GPU. Now it appears that AMD has also lowered the price.

According to TechPowerUp Radeon HD 7990 falls down from a previous recommended retail price of 999 dollars to 699 to 799 dollars, a price which is evident at the American retailer Newegg. This also includes eight accompanying game titles: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Crysis 3, Bioshock: Infinite, Tomb Raider, Farcry 3, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 6GB GDDR5 Specs

  • Display Support5 x Maximum Display Monitor(s) support
  • Output4 x Mini-DisplayPort
  • 1 x Dual-Link DVI-I
  • GPU950(Boost:1000) MHz Core Clock
  • 28 nm Chip
  • 4096(2048×2) x Stream Processors
  • Video Memory768(384-Bit X2) -bit GDDR5
  • 6000 MHz Effective
  • Dimension305(L)x100(W)x38(H) mm Size.
  • 2 x slot
  • SoftwareDriver CD
  • 8 Game Coupons (Crysis 3/ Bioshock Infinite/ Tomb Raider/ FarCry3/ Deus Ex: Human Revolution/ Hitman: Absolution/ Sleeping Dogs/ FarCry3: Blood Dragon )
  • AccessoryCrossFire™ Bridge Interconnect Cable
  • DVI to HDMI Adapter
  • Mini-DP to DP Cable
  • Mini DP to SL-DVI Passive dongle
  • Mini Display Port to SL-DVI Active dongle

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