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Run all the ADB commands from the same place with the Universal-ADB-Helper

admin Dec 12

Do you find yourself lost in all these ADB and its commands for Android via your PC? With the Universal ADB-Helper it can make it much easier to use ADB.


Using ADB on your computer, is a way to control our Android in its more internal levels, is simple if we know how it works and what are the commands we should use. However,  ADB control can go a little out of hand when we don’t have an ideal tutorial by hand.

Fortunately, the community behind Android is an awakened community, developers are also working to facilitate this task for novice users.

Universal ADB-Helper, helping to manage ADB

Universal ADB-Helper is the work of Lars124, a developer of XDA-Developers community, and is intended to help every effort in how to use ADB. To this end, he has created a .bat file (Windows only) that does all the work for us, without us having to press a key for more. Actions that allows easily are:

  • Restart in different ways
    install applications
    Remove the PIN or unlock pattern (CyanogenMod only)
    Show the Logcat
    Show the device
    Backing up and restoring backups
    Restore Factory
    One flash recovery
    Change boot animation
    Choosing a connection
    ADB Command own

In any case, even if you are skilled in ADB, it is worth looking at Universal ADB-Helper, as it allows us to perform all these actions with a single command, without complications. In addition, the novice user can learn alot, since it is a more visual and intuitive system with easy to sue commands and possibilities.


Lars124, the mind behind Universal ADB-Helper, is working to update and complete its usefulness, and you can access all versions through this Dropbox folder. In addition, you can go to XDA-Developers for more information and assistance.

Vía | Lifehacker

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