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Rumors: Nintendo NX could be more powerful than PlayStation 4

Although rumors of possible new information on what could be the actual specs of the Nintendo NX, its all getting pretty exciting. Although the next E3 2016 could be the moment chosen by Nintendo to start unveiling its plans for its new console, new data has emerged that is shining a light from the Japanese. And some of it is good some not so good.

Early data suggest that the Nintendo NX machine would be somewhat better than the current PlayStation 4.

Nintendo NX

Similar power of the PS4

This is the most concrete information we’ve received so far as it seems Nintendo has positioned the performance of its new console to the level of those already on the market. Just as it did with Wii U when we found its hardware was very similar to those already found in the PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, the source of the leak say Nintendo plans to place its NX console at the hands of the top game makers in other world we may once again see AAA titles coming to Nintendo. That is, the large franchises and top games found in the world of video games, it means the big publishers (Activision, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, etc.) will work with the company.

Nintendo NX will have its own operating system, and we should forget it will be based on Android, as has been rumored in recent times. Furthermore, it takes an optical support for physical games, particularly Blu-ray, just as found in the PS4 and Xbox One.

Technical characteristics

According to the leak, Nintendo NX will be very similar to this hardware:

  • Would use ARM technology and not x86
  • Would be a more powerful than the PS4 in other words “any PS4 game could run without problems in Nintendo NX”
  • Nintendo NX would be equipped with 8GB of RAM GGDR5
  • The development kit is being distributed with a 1TB hard drive, which speaks of a very similar configuration to that of the PS4 and Xbox one


Traditional console

Summarizing as much as possible, it seems that Nintendo wants to bet on a console that is 100 percent commercial, and we need to stress that Nintendo wants a business model close to that of the PS4 and Xbox One, in price and equally match its catalog of games when it hits the market in 2017.

However it is worrisome that the Japanese game maker would be repeating the same blunder of Wii U, which hit stores offering the same thing we already had in the market since 2006. This is a horrible mistake, lets hope that these are just some wild rumors and Nintendo is playing coy and release a console that will blow away the competition.