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[Rumor] Sony PlayStation 4.5 could be in the works to support 4K gaming

There’s a strong rumour that Sony is working on a more powerful version of its PlayStation 4 and has now been dubbed PlayStation 4.5. What this means is a more powerful console with obvious hardware upgrades and would be designed for Gaming at 4K resolution, but obviously it would be far more expensive than the current model.

PS4 4K

It is clear that the market is heading towards Gaming in 4K resolution. However, the current Sony PlayStation 4 is a console that can barely game in full HD resolution and often it has to “castrate” games at 30 FPS or rescale the resolution this is because the current hardware in the PS4 is unable to push further and even some games that are limited to 30 FPS still suffers terrible “slumps.”


The question now is would you pay $1000 to play at Full HD on your PlayStation at smooth 60 FPS ? $500 more than the current model. This may be why the company according to rumors has started working on a more powerful supposed PlayStation 4.5 with hardware-oriented at 4K Gaming , which logically would make titles in full HD resolution run at 60 FPS without too much trouble.

The current Sony PlayStation 4 not only does not support 4K resolution, but its Blu-ray player is not compatible with this resolution. So we could see, the PlayStation 4.5 with Blu-ray 4K and HDMI 2.0 output with hardware capable of playing games to that resolution, that is, that Sony would opt practically change the current AMD hardware and switch to a mini ITX format (such as Steam Machine).