Rumor: Grenada, the chip that will equip the Radeon R9 380X

Its not looking to promising for AMD.

The next AMD graphics cards to be released will presumably be the  Radeon R9 380X and 390X , which compete directly with the current GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 from NVIDIA. According to rumors circulating on the web, it will be based on a new chip called “Grenada” created with the manufacturing process at 28 nanometers will not be but a refined and improved variation of the current Hawaii chip that integrate R9 290x, not an entirely new chip set with a manufacturing process with low lithography as expected. One disappointment indeed, but remember that at the moment is just a rumor.

In principle Grenada is said to have the same specifications as Hawaii (2816 GCN cores, 176 TMUs, 64 ROPs and a bandwidth of 512 bit memory with 4 GB of memory). The improvements of this chip compared to Hawaii will allow AMD to increase operating frequencies to outperform the GTX 980, but finally this is all we can expect from  Grenada we will not expect an improvement of energy and heat efficiency but on the contrary, it would a chip that would heat and consume more than the Hawaii.


We sincerely hope that these rumors are not true and that AMD does not make this real sloppy. We have long been looking forward to the new generation of AMD video cards, and the main reason is that theoretically AMD will release this generation with 20/16 nm chips from Global Foundries, greatly improving the performance and efficiency of the current generation.

Via 3DCenter.