Root your Android smartphone easily with Kingo Android Root

Ever wanted to root your new Android smartphone, but when you looked at the guides became disillusioned ?

That is why there is Kingo Android Root software, this is a tool that allows us to root our android smartphones with only connecting it to our computers and pressing a couple of clicks. Although this is nothing new explain. Initially this tool was released on XDA forums, but certain disputes between the forum administrators and the creator of this tool got the tool removed.

These controversies where mostly tied to the developer who refused to explain what exploits he used for the root. Finally the tool was removed and the creator now operates from his own blog. We did not want to publish this root method until we knew that it was indeed a method to secure both your equipment and your data.

With the arrival of Android 4.4 there are many users have asked for a method for rooting their Android smartphones, mostly Samsung phone and tablet users. With the arrival of Android 4.4, Kingo Android Root has been updated to bring support for this version and new Android devices such as the Note 3 of AT & T.

Kingo Root Android supports a large number of devices from all manufacturers (Here the official list). If you want to know if your Android device is either not supported just look at the list or simply download the program (its only 22MB) and run it.

How to use Kingo Android Root