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Rockstar teases us with new 4K screenshots from GTA V for PC

PC Gamers can almost get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V for PC, as the release date is merely 2 weeks away. Rockstar also promises a new trailer to be released next week to show us how good the game looks.

But the company continues to surprise us with a new teaser, they released some glorious screenshots in full 4K resolution!

The screenshots are taken directly from actual game footage not from CGI screens its widely known that the PC version of the game will blow away the console version of the game.

GTA V for PC has not gone quite as plan with the game experiencing numerous delays that have frustrated gamers, the game however is currently available for Xbox 360,PS3, PS4,Xbox One while the PC version will be here on April 14th. And according to VR Zone, Rockstar will provide some extra goodies.

Rockstar Games is also running a promotion until March 31st where you will get $1.5 million in in-game bonus money that you can spend both in story mode ($500k) as well as for GTA Online ($1 million). This will be in addition to the $200,000 in-game cash that Rockstar Games is giving away to everyone who has pre-ordered the game.


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