Rhapsody members can now share 30 million songs in Twitter

We’ve come along ways from the old days of “sharing” as the era of Napster is past us, it seems now the new way the music industry wants us to share music is via its various streaming services, and Rhapsody is just one of many, but what makes this one stick out over the others is the fact that you can now share your favorite songs in Twitter, by embedding the song.

All you need to do is become a Rhapsody member, but that will set you back $9.99/month.

rhapsody_rhapsody_premiere_Twitter embedd

From PC World: Twitter has a new partner to try and popularize the concept of sharing and listening to music on the social network.

Music streaming service Rhapsody recently announced during SXSW that its members could now share music on Twitter. The new feature takes advantage of Twitter’s audio card feature, meaning Rhapsody tunes that pop up on Twitter can be streamed in full directly inside Twitter’s mobile apps.


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