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Renaming Batches of Files in Yosemite

One of the most unknown features in Yosemite is the fact that you can now batch rename files or folders. The new feature allows users to rename entire window full of files even allowing you to number them, and correct the spelling of many files at the same time as well as editing existing files in mass quantities


1. Select the files you want to rename, you can select as many as you want by dragging a box over the files.Yosemite batch rename

2. Right click, you may also use the two-finger click, found in the shortcut menu

4. Choose “Rename” items

5. You should now see three options to rename your files: Replace Text, Add Text, Format

Replace Text: is your basic search and replace

Add Text: let’s you tack on some extra text onto the original file name

Format: let’s you rename the file using a base word

Note, there is also the “Name and Index” option found in the second pop up menu that will come up, if you click Rename – your files will end up “Car 1”, “Car 2” etc. Of course you can specify if you want to use a number should be used first.

The other option found in the same menu, is the “Name and Date” option, this will add a date at the end of your files.

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