Recommended Ipad protection for kids

If you are like millions of other parents who gave their kids iPads this article will help. If you don’t have a big budget, and for the most part your kids aren’t super spoiled, but nevertheless, they each have their own iPad.

iPad cases, iPad screen protectors, iPad sleeves

In any case, children and pricey electronics are generally not a recommended mix. Nevertheless, so far we have managed to keep not one but two iPads safe and sound. In addition to teaching and hounding reminding our children how important it is to take good care of and be responsible for their iPads (don’t drop them, don’t leave them unattended, don’t eat or drink near them, etc.), we also have decent cases on them that help to protect against spills and falls, and awesome screen protectors that provide additional protection against spills. Based on over a year’s worth of daily use and dragging about (seriously, our son’s iPad goes with us almost everywhere – in the car, to the store, to the library, out of state, etc.),

here are my personal case/sleeve and screen protector recommendations for iPads:

iPad case/sleeve:

  • Belkin Access Folio Case with Stand – it holds the iPad securely inside, encloses it fully, covers it, converts to a stand, and features a Velcro-closure pocket on the front that can hold accessories (in my son’s case, headphones)
  • Elan Folio – this case is very similar to the Belkin Access Folio, though it’s a little “stiffer”, and it does not have a front pocket

iPad screen protector:

  • Zagg Invisible Shield iPad 2 Screen Protector – this screen protector is touted as the holy grail of iPad screen protectors for a very good reason. It’s an amazing product that protects indefinitely (don’t let the seemingly complex installation instructions put you off)!

These products hold up wonderfully, and provide excellent protection for our children’s iPads!