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Radeon Rx 300: Bermuda, Fiji, Grenada, Tonga and Trinidad future of the AMD Radeon 300 series

Not to long ago The CEO of AMD, Lisa Su hinted with disclosing that the company plans to launch its new generation of graphics cards between April and June this year. Along with the new series of AMD Radeon R9 300 Series cards we are also expecting the new generation of Carrizo and SOCS APUs.

Although currently this is the only official information from the company, it is believed that the first GPU to be released will be the new company flag ship, the card is now known as the Radeon R9 380X, which will have 4,096 stream processor and 4GB of memory (HBM) which offer unprecedented performance with low power consumption.

It is also believed that the new Trinity series which is aimed at medium / low market will come out immediately after its higher ranges. This new card is arriving to replace the Radeon R9 270X “Curacao”.

Trinidad will have an area of ??lower die than Curacao (Radeon R9 270X), 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM a similar memory bus (256 bits), but a higher level of performance, backed by lower consumption. It is expected that the proposed name of GPU is Radeon R9 370.

Radeon Rx 300

There is also strong rumors coming out of 3DCenter…

According to 3DCenter, Bermuda GPU will power the fastest Radeon in upcoming 300 series, however, it is not the single-GPU card as you might have thought.

The ‘rumored’ Radeon Rx 300: Bermuda, Fiji, Grenada, Tonga and Trinidad

AMD Radeon Rx 300 specs


According to 3DCenter, Fiji is “confirmed” as next flagship GPU. The R9 390X will likely be powered by Fiji XT, whereas R9 390 with Fiji PRO. Fiji-powered graphics cards are said to be the first with High-Bandwidth-Memory on board. NVIDIA will possibly adopt HBM with Pascal, so we are looking at months, or maybe even years, of AMD leadership in this technology.


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