Qualcomm introduces the new generation Snapdragon 600 and 400 processors for smartphones

Things can start to heat up when it comes to next gen Smartphones, as new new processors announced by Qualcomm offer premium features and outstanding performance for smartphones that feature 4G LTE.


Qualcomm has announced today new a Snapdragon processors family, designed to enhance the connectivity experience of users who rely on high-end smartphones, and allow the smooth handling of a large amount of data.

On the one hand we have the new Snapdragon processors 620 and 618 Snapdragon both CPUs integrate a 64-bit ARM Cortex A-72 and the new X8 with LTE modem technology.

Also making its debut is the Snapdragon 425 and Snapdragon 415 processors, which come with eight-core CPUs are released.

The Snapdragon 425 promises to double the download speed and data transfer up to 300 Mbps with X8 modem with LTE technology, and special functions for camera devices.

In the case of the 415 Snapdragon X5 processor comes with LTE technology that promises download speeds up to 150 Mbps.

Qualcomm plans where due because the Snapdragon 415 chipset will reach commercial devices in the first semester of this year, while the Snapdragon 620, 618 and 425 models will debut in the second part of 2015.


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