PS4 vs PS3: Graphics and power ( Comparative )

Sony has already released the new PS4 sale in the European and American market. The Japanese giant seeks not only to address its highest competitor, Xbox One, but the PlayStation 4 far surpasses its predecessor, the PS3.
Call of Duty: Ghosts

In Techhum we will intend to make a comparison between the PS4 , that went on sale November 29 , and its predecessor launched six years ago, the PS3. The new generation of consoles promises improved quality in both graphics and gameplay. We will now we show the comparison of PS4 vs PS3 in terms of price and design, lets talk about their hardware and graphics differences that can be established between both Sony consoles.

PS4 9 times more powerful than the PS3

Although the PS4 hardware (and also the Xbox One ) has some issues, the fact is that the new console from Sony is nine times more powerful than the PS3. We talked about a comparison between the PS4 vs Xbox One for power, and also proves to be superior, but not as much as the PS3, of course. The PS4 has a Jaguar CPU AMD with 8-core 2.75GHz of Power, an AMD Radeon graphics video card processing at 800MHz and GDDR5 memory 8GB RAM. The PS3 on the other hand had a single CPU core at 3.2GHz , 550MHz GPU to six SPE and a 256MB DDR3 RAM. It is clear therefore that the new PS4 is actually much more powerful than Sony ‘s previous console.

Regarding graphics, it has higher shaders count. The PS4 has 1152 GPU Cores ( or shaders, indispensable to create a more realistic lighting , shadows and other special effects) . Best to analyze charts from one to another console is a demonstration . Here we leave you with a video of the new Call of Duty: Ghosts played in PS3 and PS4 .

As you’ll see the difference in graphics is significant, but not abysmal, as is also the case if we compare the One Xbox and Xbox 360. it is true it provides smoother movements , better effects, textures with sharper detail and more realistic shadows and highlights, but there are many players who can not be convinced that it is a really significant to acquire a PS4, for the time being. Since we had the opportunity to play both and recognize that the gaming experience of the new Sony is really amazing but maybe we expected a little more. Yet it is obvious that would rather have a PS4. Expectations of the Next- Gen were quite high, and Sony has managed to make the leap with a quality product and taking into account the faults and shortcomings of its predecessor.

Do you think the differences in graphics are so important right now to buy the PS4 ?