How To

Prevent Your Facebook Account Getting Disabled

Facebook is the number one used social website around the website. Apart from its many happy users, many have issues mostly about getting their accounts getting disabled. Its very important to know that what should be done in-order to avoid your account getting disabled, because you might be doing something unknowingly which could lead to account disabling. Here are some of the main actions people do which result finally getting their accounts disabled, so if you are doing any of the following do avoid them in the future. Points to Remember:
The following actions should be avoided to keep a safe Facebook profile.

Excessive Interaction via Messages with Unknown People: People who you know should be easily interacted via using the inbox messages facility provided. But if you don’t know a person then avoid sending him too many messages all together because first of all its really unethical secondly Facebook would give you warning on sending excessive messages and if you don’t avoid to do so they would disable your profile. The case of message sending to unknown people often occur when you want to be friends with him/her or requesting them to do something over and over again.

Abusive Behavior on Public Pages (Profile Reporting): Its hard to control your emotions sometimes, isn’t it? But one should control them while on a Facebook fanpage/group because you may end up writing something abusive, provocative or threatening to someone. Note that every profile has a report link and your disturbing behavior can lead into profile reporting resulting in something you don’t really want. Adding People You Don’t Know:
This is a other very common reason why your profile can get disabled by Facebook. To get more and more friends is like an obsession for some users, but this is certainly not a healthy activity. Most of the users add up unknown people for two major reasons i.e. to play games together (adding up neighbors) and secondly to promote something. Also avoid email lists to add up people, this sends an immediate signal to Facebook that something is really going wrong.

Using a Fake Identity or Representing Someone Without Rights: This is not only a Facebook violation it is also a crime to do so, you can’t be someone else or show others that you represent someone. This is also a case of getting more friends or in the end promoting something you own. So unless or until you don’t have rights to represent a particular person/company/band etc don’t be one.

Violation under Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

Abide by the TOS provided by Facebook, its a very detailed copy in which all points have been mentioned clearly. Any violation to the TOS can result in a possible warning which could end up getting your account disabled. The second and third point in the TOS is a good to read for new users. Keep a safe profile don’t do anything while using Facebook, because once your account is disabled its not very common to get your account back and all your contacts, messages etc would be gone.

Important Note for Facebook Fan Page Owners:

If you own a page/group don’t be the only admin of it, add up admins on the page because if your profile gets disabled you can make a new profile and ask you friends (who you had made page admins) to make you an admin of that page. Doing this you won’t lose your page at least.