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Possible specifications of the next Nexus 8 from HTC with a rumored sceen of 8.9 inches

admin Aug 8

Rumors of the future HTC Nexus 8 continue. According to new leaked specifications, it will have a 8.9-inch screen (2560 x 1600), a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra processor chip and 4 GB of RAM.


The site PhoneArena released the latest specifications of this new tablet, stamped with the Google Experience manufactured by a brand with little experience in the field of tablets.

In addition to the power and its screen, the HTC tablet will have a 8 MP rear camera and a front 1.6 MP (optional LTE). Would also have Android operating system.

The premium tablet from Google seems to have been certified in South Korea under the code “0P8210000” revealed a month ago under the code name is “Volantis or Flounder” -.

The Nexus 8 has no official release date but taking into account the information, would not arrive until at least October. Traditionally, Google launches new versions of Android along with its Nexus devices in the months of October or November.

Its price is expected to be between 300 and $350 dollars. It would be a good figure for a tablet with such promising specifications, in line with what usually happens with Nexus device

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