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Pixelmator 3 already available, squeezing the most of the new features of OS X Mavericks

admin Nov 11

The sudden arrival of OS X Mavericks to our Mac has been a surprise, but it was not the only one: Pixelmator has unveiled its third major version compatible with the new OS X. And as in the previous two versions, the developers want to make it clear that they have taken advantage of all the capabilities of the system.

The main developments are the layer styles ( something that many Photoshop users missed ), new tools to alter photos and graphics editing engine is entirely new, reliable performance capabilities consistent with Mavericks. In fact the official tests now indicate that the program is up to two times faster than before.

The other features remain the same and the interface.  It is still primarily a Photoshop rival for users who do not need the full power of Photoshop, and that is the reason developers are committed to seeing the arrival of new versions of OS X.

Pixelmator 3 is distributed exclusively through the Mac App Store and costs 26.99 euros or $29.99. Yes, it has gone up in price , but still a pretty reasonable price for my taste and see that everything has been rewritten to ensure compatibility with news of Mavericks.

Official Site | Pixelmator
Download | Pixelmator 3 for OS X in the Mac App Store

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