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Pioneer VSX-821, multi-channel amplifier with direct connection for iPod, iPhone and iPad

admin Jun 6

Not everyone has a living room big enough to take advantage of a 7.1 system. Many users are content with a system of five channels plus subwoofer, and for them this this Pioneer amp system is dedicated to. The VSX-821 is a very powerful amplifier with HDMI connections and is compatible with high definition sound.

As with the latest equipment for the house it has direct digital connection to an iPod, iPhone, iPad without having to use an extra adapter. With the digital connection you get better audio quality, thanks in part to an Advanced Sound Retriever that restores the files whose frequencies had to be eliminated to compress to MP3. Other than that, you can see photos and videos stored on these devices.

This is a DLNA compatible amplifier, which can be connected to the local network to play all types of content stored on it. Other than that, you can connect it to the Internet to play videos from YouTube. And not only is compatible with Apple equipment. The rear has a connection for a special Bluetooth adapter. Thanks to this, is capable of playing audio in real time from phones, computers or compatible tablets.

On the front there is a USB port available which to connect all types of players, memory sticks and external hard drives. It is clear that its excellent for musical performance and it holds its own in cinematic capabilities. And it faithfully reproduces the soundtrack of movies without losing any detail. The sound is always good. Is due to the smart calibration of  its speakers, which does the dirty work without the user having to lift a finger. A device like this is priced in the street, at 400 euros.

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