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Pentax HD DA645 28-45 mm f / 4.5 ED AW SR, wide-angle zoom lens with decent features

This latest camera lens from Ricoh called the Pentax 645Z features a wide-angle zoom lens in medium range DSLR format. According to its designers, the new Pentax DA645 HD 28-45 mm f / 4.5 ED AW SR incorporates the latest requirements and technologies developed by the Japanese company to provide high-resolution images that can be expected from a medium range camera.

Its focal length equivalent in 35mm is 22 to 35.5 mm, and as we can see on its specifications, the maximum aperture, f / 4.5, remains constant throughout all of this focal optics. As expected in a lens of this type, its optical architecture is quite complex; in fact, incorporates 17 elements, including two high-performance aspherical and two very low dispersion, distributed in 12 groups. But these are not its only interesting characteristics.

According to its designers, this new lens has two new HD features called Coating and Aero Bright that increase the transmission of light through the objective lens and minimize reflections and refraction. In theory, these innovations should make it possible to capture sharp, detailed images in which there should be no trace of “halos” that unless are intentional, can ruin a photo.


Via Photographyblog

The HD Pentax-DA645 28-45mm F4.5ED AW SR is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for medium-format Pentax cameras. Providing focal lengths from 22mm to 35.5mm in 35mm format, this is the first medium-format Pentax lens designed specifically for digital imaging.

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