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Paris man saved by his Samsung Galaxy phone

admin Nov 11

One of the luckiest men in Paris goes by the name of Sylvestre, what makes him lucky is the fact that his Samsung S6 phone just saved his life. According to reports the man was caught in a gun fight with suspected terrorists when he raised his phone to protect his head and a bullet struck his phone, saving his life.

A mobile phone may have saved a man’s life in Friday’s deadly terror attacks in Paris, which left a death toll of 129 people and more than 350 people wounded.

The survivor, who was identified as Sylvestre, was in France’s national Stadium during the assaults. While fleeing the stadium, Sylvestre was holding his phone to his ear.

“Here’s the cellphone that took the hit, that saved me, otherwise my head would have been busted,” Sylvestre said.

Sylvestre was shot in the foot and the ribcage as well, but the fatal head shot was stopped by his phone.

However, the US Army Threat Integration Center think that Sylvestre’s phone may have been hit by a ball bearing from an explosive belt. Analysis further found that the ball bearing may have lost some of its velocity when it hit the phone.

Paris’ chief prosecutor Francois Molins said seven attackers had been killed, who were all armed and wearing explosive belts. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said France will execute air strikes against IS in Syria in response

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