Official Twitter Plugin For WordPress is finally released

It was about time as some would say, but finally Worpress has officially released its Twitter plugin. For years WordPress users had to rely on using 3rd party plugins that more often than not would stop working usually because of Twitter themselves.

Now the Twitter plugin is official and can be downloaded from the repository, and at least it promises to update it constantly.

Twitter WordPress official  1
Requires PHP 5.4 or later.

  • Embedded Tweet – customize backgrounds and color schemes to match your site’s theme
  • Embedded Twitter video – showcase video uploaded to Twitter
  • Tweet button – simple sharing of your site’s content on Twitter
  • Twitter Cards – highlight your site’s content when shared on Twitter
  • Twitter Analytics – track impressions and top distributors of your site’s content on
  • TwitterFollow button – grow your Twitter audience
  • Twitter ads conversion tracking – easily track actions on your WordPress site triggered by a Twitter ad or build a custom targeting audience


Twitter WordPress official  2

Its funny that if you don’t have PHP 5.4 in your server the plugin will still install but it will not work, and the widgets will be missing.

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