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Office for Mac now available with Office 365, not a new version of 2013

admin Feb 2

Microsoft announced that Office for Mac is available for Office 365, offering subscription access to Office. The related Office Mac for subscription requires OS X 10.6 but remains confined to the 2011 version of Office.

“I’m sure many of you ask when the next version of Office for Mac will be available now that Office 2013 is released on Windows. I’m sorry to tell you that we are not yet ready to make an announcement about it, but we are working hard in the next release Office for Mac, “the team said.

Lets not forget, Microsoft launches Office 365, offering access to the suite subscription, proposed in the Home Premium, $9.99 $ / month or $ 99.99 / year. With this, it is possible to have it installed in 5 machines, PC or Mac. A range of offers is intended to cover various business needs, and is available from $ 219.99 / year.


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