Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 has new WiFi and Bluetooth certifications, could be 64 bit, 4GB RAM

Earlier this month of March, Nvidia introduced a new portable console. After a not exactly successful first attempt, it appears to be giving it a second chance this time it will base it on the Tegra X1 processor and will utilize its video game platform known as Grid that we first saw in the Shield Tablet.

New nvidia-shield 1

The presentation of Tegra X1 immediately pointed to the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2, a second generation tablet in which Nvidia surely has high expectations and appears to be just around the corner. Shield 2 will make use of Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), required for devices that include this type of connectivity and has confirmed that will include Bluetooth 4.1  certification.

But that’s not all, the new Shield Tablet has also gone through new WiFi certification. The recent leak has helped us to find out that it will now incorporate WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Android Lollipop and the new version of its firmware 3.10.61. The remaining specifications are still unknown, but following the line of the first model, it is sure to bring a premium package and rank amongst the best tablets.

New nvidia-shield 2

These new certifications are definitely a step up and good news for those interested in this gaming tablet

But VR Zone is speculating that it will also include an octa-core 64 bit CPU with 4GB of RAM.

Alas, no additional information is provided, although it’s probably safe to assume an octa-core 64-bit Tegra X1 CPU based on Maxwell microarchitecture will find its way under the hood to drive power-demanding tasks.

Perhaps paired with 4 GB RAM to eclipse nearly every Android smartphone around, and definitely with pre-installed Lollipop software.



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