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NVIDIA is said it will reactivate overclock of its GeForce GTX 900M

Its already been a month during which time NVIDIA has set off more controversy after removing the possibility of overclocking the  GeForce GTX 900M series graphics cards for laptops, to launch a new version of drivers to re-enable this possibility.

A week after users realized that NVIDIA had disabled the ability to perform an overclock in its GTX 900M Series graphics cards for laptops the company said with the latest update of drivers (which NVIDIA announced, and just simply answered complaints saying it was an ability that should never be enabled because these graphics cards are not designed for overclocking), a representative from NVIDIA has again come to the rescue and announced that in about a month it will launch a new revision of drivers to re-enable the possibility of overclocking these graphics for notebooks.

“We obsess over every possible optimization so that you can enjoy a perfectly stable machine that balances game, thermal, power, and acoustic performance,” wrote PeterS, a representative for Nvidia, in a statement. “Still, many of you enjoy pushing the system even further with overclocking.”

“Our recent driver update disabled overclocking on some [GeForce] GTX[-based] notebooks,” said the spokesman for the GPU developer. “We heard from many of you that you would like this feature enabled again. So, we will again be enabling overclocking in our upcoming driver release next month for those affected notebooks.”

Could NVIDIA have made a mistake  ? And is now trying to correct it ? of course without admitting it or that they are deliberately lying.

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