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Nvidia is bringing back Physx this time packs realistic water physics

admin Apr 4

Those people who are believing Nvidia’s PhysX to be dead and also defunct need to think twice. Its coming back even stronger than before with cutting-edge advancements in real time physics effects. This new fluid simulation algorithm gives realistic water physics than any physics engine out there which includes havok’s updated engine.

physx-water graphics

Its purely technical so here’s a quote:

A new fluid simulation algorithm (FSA) from PhysX appears to have made a breakthrough with its Position Based Fluids (PBF) technique that is based on the same Position Based Dynamics (PBD) framework used for simulating cloth and deformables in the PhysX SDK.

According to PhysX Info, PBD uses an “iterative solver” that allows it to “maintain incompressibility more efficiently than traditional SPH fluid solvers. It also has an artificial pressure term which improves particle distribution and creates nice surface tension-like effects (note the filaments in the splashes). Finally, vorticity confinement is used to allow the user to inject energy back to the fluid.

This really is kind of a breakthrough for physics technology in producing realistic graphics effects. Since a physics engine depends on intricate macro operations as well as favors parallel architectures,
GPU physics is entering into the gpgpu direction. Talking about PHYSX, this doesn’t use any old x87 instructions anymore but CUDA. I guess because of these advancements, its among the top middle-ware physics engine classified by Sony’s middleware listing along with the brand-new havok.

Ps4 is going to use PHYSX and this code is going to be processed by its Radeon GPU. Perhaps Nvidia has made it open passing on an open-cl and x86 codepath to take advantage of PS4’s HSA features. What’s more, it’s coming back to PC with great power since PC,PS4 and next Xbox are going to be cross-platform for most developers.

So guys, get ready for some exhilarating PhysX…… effects.

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