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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan LE: Unveiled by HWiNFO

A few weeks ago we talked about a new graphics card based on the GK 110 core. Nvidia is preparing a cheaper GTX Titan, this new graphics card has been unveiled by hwinfo and your its will be GeForce GTX Titan LE and will ship in the third quarter.

This past February, Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card with excellent performance but at a high price, about 1,000 euros. That is why Nvidia has prepared the Titan GTX LE, a shortened version of the GTX Titan, to increase sales. This new GK110 kernel-based card comes with 13 streaming multiprocessors (SMX) when it arrives it will have a total of 2496 CUDA cores, 208 TMUs, 40 ROPs, the GTX Titan has 2.688 also incorporates 5 GB of GDDR5 memory 320 bit interface, the GTX Titan has 6 GB GTX with a 384 bus


The new GeForce GTX Titan LE will be launched in the third quarter of the year, probably in July or August. Let’s wait to know the performance of the trimmed GTX Titan because if Nvidia decides to use a very competitive price it could reach a large number of sales.

Source: Sweclockers

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