NVIDIA GeForce 7 series cards being released in Computex?

FUD Zilla states that the NVIDIA GeForce 7 series gaming video cards could appear significantly earlier than they had predicted. Although previous comments pointed to a 4th quarter release, the site now says NVIDIA may have a trick or two up their sleeve and will show us something totally new available for Computex 2013.


We don’t have a fix date but Nvidia has talked to some of its partners assuring them that they will have something new and hot to see as of May 2013. Computex 2013 starts in late May but Nvidia might launch its new graphics card generation a bit earlier.

They do want to address AMD’s aggressive bundle push and try to offer a more competitive product. Bear in mind that desktop sales still play an important role in Nvidia’s financial statement. We don’t know much about the performance expectation but we do know that it is faster than what is out today.