Nintendo is experimenting with games for tablets and smartphones

Nintendo has confirmed that they are planing to launch games for tablets and smartphones. It is possible that in the not too distant future editions of classic games like Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda will be available in mobile stores for Android and iOS, for example.

Nintendo is experimenting with games for tablets and smartphones

“It’s a theme that runs forever. It’s a debate we have had constantly,”said the president of Nintendo America, Regginald Fils -Aime in an interview with King 5 channel. “We recognize that there are many ‘ smartphones ‘ and ‘tablets’, so what we do is to be smart about how to use these devices as marketing tools for our content,” he clarified.

The management has confirmed that Nintendo is experimenting with the possibilities of mobile devices “will redirect to Nintendo hardware.” According to Fils -Aime “,  this will be very marketing- oriented  “but there will be gameplay elements”.

Fils- Aime explained that Nintendo is committed to user experiences that are only available through the company’s consoles, while the market for mobile games companies are a challenge when it comes to monetize their efforts.

“We believe our titles play better and are best enjoyed in our devices, so the full game is only available on Nintendo machines” he announced .

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