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New photo of the BlackBerry A10, sports bigger screen

admin Jul 7

Rim has announced for quite a while now the development of its new phone the A-10 that recently is the latest phone we have heard from the company, and it’s also worth noting that it will be the successor of the Z10, that was launched just a few months ago.

We now have word that some images of the new phone have been released by research in motion, once we hear of the official launch from the company we will be able to verify the rumor which will happen mainly we think at the end of the year but then again this is our estimate.

BlackBerry A1

Until we know the exact characteristics and design, it is worth noting that this new rim cell phone will be larger than its predecessors, as it is rumored that it screen will be 5 inches, and will include 2 GB of memory RAM, but considering all these aspects, and the image we have just seen of this supposed phone, it looks quite similar to the Samsung galaxy S4


A10, el nuevo teléfono móvil de BlackBerry

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