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New Olympus TG-1 IHS for sports enthusiasts

Users can take pictures under water, in low light or high-definition video recording.

Olympus Presents TG-1 its new camera  that combines durability with IHS technology, a f2.0 high speed lens, and compatibility with convertible lenses to create a versatile camera system. This is to give good picture quality, with excellent performance in the most severe conditions.

With the new camera, users can take pictures under water, in low light or high-definition video recording, in addition, the camera is designed for the active photographer because its super sports mode provides autofocus, high speed and more shutter speed up to 1/2000, freezing the action.

IHS technology will make videos with excellent color reproduction and has faster processes, the image sensor for multiple motion (Multi-IS Motion) compensates for movement during recording, producing sharper video.

The TG-1 IHS is the first camera to feature a durable ultra bright f2.0 lens and used to capture super fast high quality images with a fast shutter speed, even in low light conditions, and also, its OLED 3 inch screen is high resolution with 610K pixels gives it excellent visibility even in bright light, with the possibility to compose the perfect shot under direct sunlight.

The camera has 12 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor backlighting and fast image processor TruePic VI; offers expandable system for professional photographers, with a converter ring one can add an adapter lens converters, such as a fish eye lens converter and the tele-converter lens for use in the water or on the surface.

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