New Chromebook Pixel 2 just announced by Google set to cost $1000

Fresh off the press, Google didn’t want to be left behind for notebook supremacy as today it announced its new Pixel Chromebook 2, that will come with a Intel Core i5 CPU also know as Broadwell, it will come with 8GB RAM features an aluminum body much like a Macbook, its screen will be a 2560 x 1700 13-inch touchscreen and come with a 32GB SSD.

Also taking a page from Apple, the new Chromebook Pixel 2 will also use an USB-C port, this may in fact be the next-gen when it comes to notebooks but the Pixel 2 features two Type C ports as well one on each side.
Setting the new Chromebook Pixel apart from Apple’s Macbook has to do with the fact that the Pixel come with a touchscreen, and glass trackpad.


The Chromebook Pixel 2

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