New 2015 MacBook Air Geekbench shows promise, but nothing earth shattering

Along with the Apple Watch and the new MacBook we also saw a slight update of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro the new range of Apple notebooks featuring a 13-inch Retina display. Besides Improvements including the new Touchpad in the Retina 13 inch models, and a new processor.


At Geekbench uses have already submitted the first results that provide performance information of the MacBook Air as well as the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air 2015 Geekbench scoremacbook-air-pro-benchmarks 1

The data is more or less what we all expected, it shows some improvements over previous models but did not provide a significant quantitative leap some Apple fanboys had expected. It appears it was just another one of those “new” year updates to impress stock holders more than anything . So if you bought a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro last year or so, don’t feel to bad! As it appears the new models aren’t really worth yet.

While it is true that the new MacBookPro with the 13-inch retina display, incorporates the new Force Touch trackpad it appears that is its main sticking point for now.





macbook-air-pro-benchmarks 2



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