Windows 10

Neat tool to solve Windows 10 privacy concerns

Recently much has been said about Windows 10 privacy concerns, specially when Microsoft has embedded many “spy” tools within the Windows Operating System.

The snooping power of Windows 10 has had  quite a negative opinion on those wanting to keep their privacy. Luckily there is a free tool that can help you get rid of the Microsoft tracking symptoms especially if you paranoid.

The tool is called 0&0 ShutUp10 what makes this program neat is the fact that it shows you all of Windows 10 spying settings that are hidden, overall there are about 50 hidden “snooping” settings within Windows 10 all you need to do is click on a setting to find out what it does then 0&0 ShutUp10 can disable it, of if you chose leave it turned on.

Once you’ve chosen what settings to turn on or off, just chose of the “Apply_” options and you’re done.

You can download the tool here.