My Experience With Windows Mobile 7 on HTC HD7

I saw it first when I actually bought this HTC HD7 for someone else and opened it to check if it is working fine. My first impression… it has a  BIG screen. Upon turning it on, I was also impressed with the screen quality. The screen is made of Scratch Resistant glass which for a careless guy like me who still hasn’t bought a pouch for his set yet is a plus point. On the other hand, the set does not come with a pouch which nowadays many companies are offering. The package contains a handsfree with volume control and call receiving button and USB cable that connects to the provided adopter and doubles as a charger. There is no software cd included which means that you have to download the Zune software to sync up your phone with your phone, which is quiet a big download.

On first turning on the HTC HD7, it asks a few simple questions and sets itself up pretty easily. It has the option to add your Live, Yahoo and facebook plus other accounts to your phone and it downloads all your contacts to the address book which is named “People”. While this is very handy, downloading your contacts from your other phone is a bit of a job. You have to first import your contacts to Outlook and then it will sync them to the phone. I found it a bit tiresome, as I was previously using another phone from HTC and this should have been a breeze but then it was the same with that phone as well so I think it’s common with all windows phones.

The phone has a very nice feature that lets you link different profiles like Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook and contact card under one name. so you don’t have three different listings for the same Joe but rather one place where you can find em all and call/text/mail/post on wall from one place. Marketplace is also a nice feature as it lets you install all the software’s directly without the need of connecting your phone to the PC.

What I don’t like about the phone is that some options are hard to find like I had to search for the proxy settings for my network connection. Also the fact that it can not send any files via blue tooth and only uses it to connect to an accessory like a handsfree.

The phone feels nice in your hand and has a sensor that detects whether you have the phone to your ear or are looking at it. So when you have the phone to your ear, the screen shuts down and when you are looking at it, it lights up. It has three standard buttons, Back, Windows and search. Quiet often I have found myself pressing the Search button by mistake while playing a game which moves it directly to Bing.

Another small issue is the location of the buttons as when you hold the phone in your right or left hand, the area under the thumb activates either the Back or the Search button. Also if you are using the power button to lock the screen, the palm sometimes presses the camera button which keeps bringing back out of the lock mode. Though this is not a serious issue but I found myself doing it again and again and it also kind of prevents one hand use.

All in all I like the touch sensitivity and the screen. I would however like to be able to arrange the items on the screen according to my preference and to be able to share stuff via Bluetooth.

What do you want to say?