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MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard

admin Sep 9

MSI was born in Taiwan in 1986 , with the aim of developing products with different designs and a unique quality. Became popular in no time , noted for the manufacture of motherboards and graphics cards. But also in its portable , barebones, all- in-one PCs , etc. .
Z87-G45 Gaming
Currently in the world of computer hardware has become the main reference , competing heavily with other brands veterans .
Z87-G45 Gaming-1

It had been many moons since we last saw one of its motherboards . This time we will review one of the new creations of the msi motherboards Z87-G45 Gaming. This motherboard highlights to include a Z87 chipset for Intel Core fourth generation , with support for 4 modules of DDR3 3000 MHz …

It is the new flagship of the brand , belongs to the G series of ” Gaming Series” from MSI .

Upon opening the package we find a QR code and the phrase ” MY WEAPON OF CHOICE ” followed by a URL: game.msi.com

Inside we have everything you need to start setting up your system and some other things. Among which include an elegant “Do Not Disturb ” decor . The logo of the G series of MSI and a red band at the end with the message ” BUSY GAMING ‘M SORRY ” .

You also get a guide to overclock and two SATA 3 6Gb/s cables.

Then the most important specifications of the article:

As highlighted above it is a motherboard with an Intel Z87 chipset making it compatible with the new LGA 1150 Intel Haswell . It is designed to take full advantage of all components with an ATX format .

At first glance we love its design, the PCB as it has a subtle dark brown look, without being completely dark , with black colored slots and heatsinks chipset are red but with black sections . We can not say anything negative , its an engaging design .

Z87-G45 Gaming-2

One feature of this motherboard is that it supports up to 64 GB of RAM , with four DDR3 slots 1066/1333/1600/1866/2000/2133/2200/2400/2600/2666/2800 reaching frequencies of 3000 MHz

In this picture we see in more detail the Z87 chipset , with the logo of the MSI G series . This chipset advantages are similar to those of the Z77 , but has higher compatibility (more ports) with USB 3.0 and allows a higher speed. All SATA ports are SATA 3 6GB / s compared to the Z77 and has technologies for lower power consumption .

This motherboard has three PCI -E x16 Generation 3 ports , when combined with a graphics card compatible with 3.0 range will achieve the perfect balance between motherboard and GPU. Also supports SLI or Crossfire .Besides x16 ports it has 4 ports PCI x1 .

MSI us includes software for monitoring temperatures and controlling 100% all fans connected to the motherboard.

By using Audio Boost technology you can achieve a unique sound quality , this is mainly because the audio circuit is completely isolated from other features , thus achieving greater stability and comes with gold plated connectors.

Z87-G45 Gaming-3

One of the features that caught our attention was “Fast boot” , the time it takes to boot the operating system is minimal, do not get confused I do not mean loading time of the operating system , I mean the time when the computer starts the operating system and it starts to load.

On the side we find two USB 2.0 ports , a gold plated PS/2 port called “gaming device port” and allows for smoother gameplay , faster response and higher sensitivity. Then we have a reset button , coaxial port , SPDIF optical connection , one VGA , one DVI output, Ethernet port dubbed Killer E2200 technology allows us to maximize network performance for online gaming . This automatically detects and accelerates gaming traffic and reducing overall traffic . We also have four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI output and 6 audio connections gold plated .

Z87-G45 Gaming-4In what respect has internal ports have a port ATX 24 -Pin power , 8 pin power , 3 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 2 x 4 pin CPU , 3 x 4 pin system fans , 1 x serial port, 1 x TPM module and 1 x audio jack.

By having four class military components we exceptional quality , making our computer run stably. And technology makes use of MSI VGA Boost Increases power constraints msi graphs embedded in a motherboard msi , once executed a videogame. Thus allowing to increase the performance, speed , graphics, etc .

Test Equipment :

  •     Haswell Intel i7- 4770K
  •     Corsair Vengeance 3x4GB – 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz
  •     I Nanoxia Deep Silence

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard Benchmark results


Review MSI Z87-G45 Gaming-benchmark

The results of the benchmarks have been incredibly successful obtaining some very high scores in most of the technical tests . This board will bring the full potential of Intel Haswell .

We recommend this motherboard for all users who want to upgrade their equipment to the latest technology . If you’re a fan of PC games and always want the best experience this board is for you.

We found it at an approximate price of 140 euros.

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