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MSI unveils cooler for its GTX 780 Lightning

In the near future MSI is set to launch its finest flagship video card – the GTX 780 Lightning. Now the company releases pictures of the upcoming cooler that features asymmetric set of fans.
The LightningGraphic Series symbolizes the best in MSI’s arsenal, that usually arrive with large coolers and proprietary circuit boards. The concept is simple, and that is to release the finest flagship graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, but with Geforce GTX Titan allowed no advanced engagement of partner manufacturers.

MSI is expected shortly to launch a new member of the Lightning family based on Nvidia Geforce GTX 780. In the first official images revealed today we see details of the cooler, which consists of seven heating pipes to eight millimeters, which is cooled by a plethora of closely packed cooling fins made of aluminum.

The cooler comes with an asymmetric set of fans – two 100mm and a 70 millimeter in the middle. The three fans come with individual control and can be checked one by one as needed via software.

There is a lack of official details on the PCB, but previous leaks have advocated that it will be including digital voltage regulation through the 20 power phases, and no less than three BIOS on the video card. It is likely that a BIOS will remove all barriers to enable overclocking in higher voltages and frequencies.

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