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MSI releases its own GeForce GTX 960 now with 4GB of RAM

Much like EVGA and Asus who have boosted their memory capacity to 4GB for their versions of the GeForce GTX 960, MSI too will be doing the same. MSI today released an announcement that it will be producing its very own 4GB GTX 960, but memory wise it will all remain the same, as it will be slightly overclocked compared to the reference card, at 1,241 MHz and 1,304 MHz Boost.

MSI 9604GB

The MSi GeForce GTX 960 is also counting on a Twin Frozr V cooler, said to be a step up from the Twin Frozr coolers we still see the same SuperSU heat pipes and its fans boast 100mm.


The MSi GeForce GTX 960 will go on sale in the next few days, no price has been announced as of yet.



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