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MSI launches the first laptop on the market with 3K resolution

admin Dec 12

MSI aims to reach heights never reached by anyone and has launched the first notebook on the market with a screen resolution 3K, ie 2880 x 1620 pixels. Called the GT60 2OD-261US, its hardware is complete with all high end Intel technologies, a fourth generation processors, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX780M graphics card.

The MSI GT60 3K resolution screen is the answer from Manufacturer to Gamers looking for a higher quality graphics that provides the most immerse gaming experience that money can buy. It is armed with an anti- reflective 3K panel resolution, which together with the Killer DoubleShot technology will reduce lag in online gaming, the SteelSeries backlit keyboard color and Dynaudio premium quality subwoofer speakers certainly achieve the objective.

GT60 2OD-261US
This laptop also features the Matrix display technology that allows you to connect simultaneously up to 3 additional external monitors, so you could have up to 4 displays with this laptop. Among other things it also has Cooler Boost Technology 2 to improve the thermal efficiency of the system and Audio Boost to maximize sound and fidelity when connecting headphones.

The MSI GT60 3K resolution screen has a recommended price of 1,899 euros or $2,099.00 and is expected to hit stores in time for Christmas.

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