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Moto X 2014: Two characteristics that differentiate it from the competition

admin Dec 12

This year we saw Motorola launch its second generation of its Moto X and it definitely keeps many of the popular features that made the 2013 version of the smartphone so great as well as adding new ones. Today we will talk about tow of its useful features that many users may still not known.


Awakening the Moto G by whistling

The first thing we wanted to talk about is the capacity of the 2014 Moto X as it is able to recognize our whistle. This feature will be useful to those users who don’t think its silly the idea of having to talk to your smartphone.

To configure this feature one should start the Moto Voice application and click the typical gear icon in the upper right corner to bring up the options. Then clicking on the icon voice we can change the phrase launch. After finding a quiet place free from noise record our whistle and the Moto G can recognize it from now.

Voice commands with third-party applications

Another feature that makes the 2014 Moto X one of the coolest smartphones is the ability to use voice commands with third party applications. The basic functionality allows you to send or reply to SMS messages by simply talking to our phone. So, after receiving a text message, the device prompts you to say the message we want to send, later transcribing it for us.

But this feature is not only available to to answer SMS messages but can be applied to popular third party application today, giving us the ability to publish to Facebook or YouTube activating this function from withing them. Unfortunately, unless these two applications, and that we know about, you can not use your voice to write in any other application.

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