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Microsoft shows us How SkyDrive Works With Xbox One

admin Nov 11

If you are looking into getting an Xbox One, there is one feature that really stands out and that is the voice activated features. The guys at Microsoft have released a new video showcasing just how SkyDrive works with the Xbox one.

In the following video Jeff Henshaw from Xbox, showed a brief demo.

As you can see getting into SkyDrive is as easy as saying “Xbox: go to SkyDrive”, pretty cool! Once this command has been said the console will go into the SkyDrive screen allowing the user to scroll through the various settings, an interesting feature of SkyDrive is the Snap commands that allows for viewing  photos with various enhancements, voice command also allows gamers to add new songs.

The selling point for Xbox One will be the use of web applications, that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The Xbox One will go on sale for $499.99 on Nov 22.

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