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Microsoft may make changes of its Live Tiles, now more interactive and useful

admin Apr 4

I think everybody is clear what is the main function of the Live Tile on Windows and Windows Phone, but not sufficient with some researchers at Microsoft Research Asia since they have experimented with some of these and added extra features to these tiles making them more interactive and useful.

the "Interactive Tile" project

If these little boxes already show information about the applications now, according to a video posted by Microsoft Research, one could add some functions to these for now to have an “interactive view of a tile”, one example is seen in the video and explains well how it works for example in the ‘Mail’ application: our Live Tile is maintained identically to the latest, only now displaying a small button that when pressed it will expand and show you the emails received in a kind of list format, we could also navigate between them, and open one specific to select.

According to Zdnet, Gu shows off the ability to drill down inside of a Live Tile — rather than having to open full-screen a Metro-Style app — to get music information and e-mails. He also shows off a new Interactive Desktop Tile that would allow users to open Desktop Office apps and, seemingly, other non-Microsoft-developed destkop/Win32 apps. Being able to interact with Desktop apps in this way could help Windows 8 users who find moving between the Desktop and Metro-Style environments less than smooth and intuitive.

These new ‘Live Tiles’ will come with new features and functions for all applications that have been anchored in the home screen, for example it could control playback of music with the “Xbox Music tile, access any of the desktop applications that we may have opened, or display the weather from various cities in the “Time” tile, all from this new ‘ interactive view of tiles’ .

We do not know whether it will be one of the new features included in the a major update of Windows, known by the code name “Threshold”, but without a doubt I think it would be one of the improvements that could be added to the home screen giving more opportunities for interaction with applications from it, and in fact they could even rename “Live Tiles” for “Interactive Tiles” or “Widgets”.

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